OFSC LogoOrono Figure Skating Club

OFSC Board of Directors

President: Kaiti Colville-Boundy

E-mail: Kaitic@hotmail.com

VicePresident: Keith Isnor

E-mail: Keith.isnor@gmail.com

Secretary: Vichi Brachvogel

E-mail: Thebrachvogels@gmail.com

Treasurer: Andrew Yardley

E-mail: ayardley@rogers.com

Director: Tracey Wheeler

E-mail: deisinger_family@yahoo.ca

Director: Carl Feddema

E-mail: Carlfeddema@gmail.com

Club Email: oronofsc@oronofsc.com

Our Coaches

These are our coaches. Please feel free to contact them directly for their availability.

Melissa Colville-Rainford

Email: mcolville29@msn.com

Ann Gouin

E-mail: agouin01@hotmail.com

Angela Ladoucer

E-mail: angelalracioppo@gmail.com

Samantha Leitch

E-mail: Samantha.Leitch@hotmail.com

Monique Mara

E-mail: Monique_Mara@hotmail.com

Aimee Nelson

E-mail: a.nelson@rogers.com

Sarah Pogue

E-mail: spogue26@rogers.com